Friday, July 20, 2012

2011 HSC of the Year Voting

Six entries were received in response to the request for nominations for HSC of the Year for 2011.  The award will be presented at the 2012 HSC AMSC conference in Pittsburgh on the evening of August 28th.
The nominations received are: 
-The Los Angeles/Long Beach HSC
-The Virginia Marine Association (VMA)
-The Mariners’ Advisory Committee for the Bay & River Delaware, (the “MAC”)
-The Port Operators Group (POG) of Boston
-The Southeast Texas Waterway Advisory Council (SETWAC)
-The Harbor Safety, Navigation and Operations Committee of the Port of NY and NJ

The citations for each committee  and the Voting sheet are posted on CG Homeport at:  (follow path: Missions > Ports and Waterways > Harbor Safety Committees > General Information).  Instructions on how to forward a vote to the Coast Guard are described in the site.

For any questions related to the voting process please feel free to call or e-mail Dennis Fahr at 202-372-1531 or

Thanks for your efforts to make this a successful event.