Friday, June 15, 2012

Announcement of 2011 HSC of the Year Nominations for 2012 Joint HSCs/AMSCs Conference

The Coast Guard is now accepting nominations for HSC of the year for the period January through December 2011. This is a chance to recognize the valuable contributions that your HSC has made in your port and for the Marine Transportation System. The winner will be recognized on Tuesday evening, August 28th, 2012 at the 2012 Joint Harbor Safety Committees-Area Maritime Committees Conference hosted by the Waterways Association of Pittsburgh.

Please use the format below for nomination submissions.  Deadline for nomination submissions is COB 16 July, 2012. Nominations will be posted to this website and to CG Homeport at  (follow path: Missions > Ports and Waterways > Harbor Safety Committees > General Information) for voting by 18 July. Votes should be returned by e-mail addressed to the, not later than 1 August.
For any questions related to the HSC of the Year award process, please contact Dennis Fahr,, 202-372-1531, or, 202-372-1530.
2011 Award Criteria:

Harbor Safety Committee Name: 
2011 Accomplishments/Reasons for nomination (500 - 550 words or less submissions above this criteria will be disqualified)

 Submissions will be judged based on the organization’s activities conducted from January 2011 – December 2011 and the cited beneficial outcomes resulting from those activities.  

Contact Name for more info:

Name of person from HSC attending the conference: 

Present in Best Practice session:  YES  //  NO

Name of person/contact info for Best Practices session presenter: 

*Note: the submission will be judged in regards to the following areas: commerce’s, innovation efforts with beneficial outcomes (safety, economics, time management), safety, security aspects, communications and community outreach, etc.*

**Note: Deadline for submission is July 16, 2012**

***Note: Those submitting nominations will also be given the opportunity to present their topics during the best practices session of the conference.  Please indicate on the nomination form if you would like to present your topic.***