Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New HSC Links Added

Thanks to community feedback, we've added links to two important HSCs.

1. Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committee (LCRHSC)
The  LCRHSC is an open forum comprised of public and private stakeholders in Oregon and SW Washington with vital interests in assuring safe navigation to protect the environment, property and personnel on the waterways within the Lower Columbia Region.

LCRHSC stakeholders accomplish the mission by adopting or developing appropriate standards and guidelines that address environmental and operational elements of maritime operations unique to the Lower Columbia Region.

The LCRHSC provides an inclusive, cooperative and equitable venue for addressing waterways issues to ensure the continuation and improvement of prudent management practices for our local waterways. Throughout the process, the LCRHSC strives to ensure reliable and efficient marine transportation.

You can see LCRHSC information at this website (link also available on the right side of the blog)

2. Puget Sound HSC (PSHSC)
The mission of the PSHSC is to provide a proactive forum for identifying, assessing, planning, communicating, and implementing those operational and environmental measures, beyond that which is in laws or regulations, that promote safe, secure, and efficient use of Puget Sound and adjacent waters.  The committee is made up of delegates appointed by broadly based organizations representing a span of interests focused on Puget Sound.  Additionally, various governmental agencies formally support the work of PSHSC in advisory roles.

You can see PSHSC information at this website (link also available on the right side of the blog) 

Please let us know if you know of any other HSC websites we can link to.  We also continue to invite guest blog posts.  If you'd like to publicize the outstanding work your HSC is doing, we'd love to help through this blog.